It’s no secret that people love online shopping. With a click of a button, you can have the perfect item delivered right to your door. What’s not to love? 

There are so many products on the internet for people to buy that it can be difficult for your products and services to stand out. If you’re looking for more sales, here are five great content ideas for Ecommerce marketing. 

1. Create Video Content 

If your business isn’t already posting short-form videos to highlight your products, it’s not too late. Short-form videos are incredible content pieces that can be re-posted on multiple platforms. 

You can show off how your product works and how it can add value to your customers' lives. Make sure to link the product in the description of the video. You can also use video content for awareness campaigns. 

Having eye-catching video content can make someone stop scrolling and check out your products. You can also add short videos to your content to keep people scrolling on your website. 

If you offer a service or product you can even add videos to your content pieces. Readers will enjoy being able to see how your products work and what they can do with them in their day-to-day life. 

2. Guest Posts on Your Site 

A great way to add meaningful content for your business is to invite guest writers to create content for your site. Guest writers can be people that are influential in your industry or first-hand users that love your products. Guest posts can have more weight than reviews since their full content pieces are dedicated to your products.

Other users may be intrigued if a person of interest they like is writing about your company, service, or products. Guest posts can also help give your brand more visibility in other spaces. From here, you can start building better relationships with these guest posters and continue making content that your users will enjoy. 

3. Show Don’t Tell 

A great eCommerce marketing idea is to make sure you are showing your customers more about your business and products rather than just telling them. People can see through content that is made just to catch their attention. But offering them meaningful pieces of information can make a huge difference in your content marketing strategy. 

In your content pieces, you can create guides on what your company does and examples of how other people can use that info to their advantage. 

An example of this is furniture companies that create interior design content. Instead of just writing content about their furniture, they put it into a context that a user may learn from. So, they’ll show you how to design a room while featuring their furniture. Both show the value and function of their product in an informational and fun content format.

4. An Inside Look 

In addition to showing your audience your products, you can create behind-the-scenes content as well. Content that gives a glimpse of what goes on in your day-to-day business is intriguing for customers that don't work in your industry. 

You can have different employees write posts about what they do for your company, adding more personality to your content and making your customers feel more connected. If you have specific initiatives like being an eco-friendly company you can prove the efforts you are going for with inside-look content. This is also just a great way to create content that shows off the personality of your company and how everyone works together. People may be more inclined to buy from you if they like the people behind the products. 

5. Stick to Your Goals 

No matter what type of content you make, you should stick to the goals of eCommerce marketing. These include creating content that drives awareness, drives sales, and offers thought pieces surrounding your work. If you need help setting your goals for eCommerce marketing this step-by-step offers plenty of tips to guide your efforts. 


Every business should be involved with eCommerce marketing. Coming up with new content ideas is a fun and creative way to drive sales for your company. With some new content ideas up your sleeve, you can get back to successfully marketing your business.