Opening the doors to fresh rooms for travelers is immensely exciting. Not only is it helpful for those on the go, but it allows your hotel business to take its next steps. There’s a lot of work that goes into opening up a new hotel. Whether you’re a mom-and-pop or a large chain, here are four steps to take before building a new hotel for your business. 

1. Create Your Plan 

The first step to any successful construction project is to have an airtight plan. This will be the blueprint for your entire project. Your plan should include any and all financial considerations like your budget and timeline for the project. You’ll want to stick as closely to your timeline as possible to avoid going over budget. During the financial planning process, you may consider taking out a loan and looking for trusted vendors to work with. 

When making your plan, you’ll also want to decide on who to hire. You’ll want a design team to assist with the build as well as a project manager to keep everything on track. Don't forget about an architect and a contractor that knows the ins and outs of building requirements for your hotel. 

Once you have a tight plan and a solid team, you can begin looking for the perfect place to build your new hotel. 

2. Find Your Location 

Before you get building you’re going to need to find a new location that works well for your hotel. If you already have a lot of hotels in one city or area, you might want to keep your eye out for a new place to expand your business. Once you pick an area you’ll have to find an actual plot of land to put your building on. 

Land prices will vary depending on where you are. If you want to build your new hotel in a busy metro area, the land price will be much higher than in a place where there aren’t as many people or buildings. 

You’ll also need to make sure that the location you find is big enough for everything you want in your hotel. If you’d like to have a restaurant or other retail spaces on the ground floor you may have to consider much larger plots of land to accommodate that need. 

3. Create the Design

When building a new hotel there are a couple of different routes you can take when it comes to the design. If you own a chain of hotels, you may want them to all have the same look and feel. You can borrow plans and designs from some of your other buildings and change them to fit the new location that you found. 

If you own independent hotels and are known for having eccentric buildings, this project can go in a completely different, creative direction. The design of the building also has to do with the support and overall layout. 

When it comes to deciding what the best build strategy is, you’ll have to take into account your environment and timeline. Some buildings will benefit from using structural concrete techniques during the build. These can be faster than traditional building methods but do require specialists that know what they’re talking about with concrete. FMP Construction offers more details on the ins and outs of structural concrete techniques to help you during the building process. 

The design process will be the time that you pick out materials within your budget or projected budget. Then you’ll get the construction team together to start the build. 

4. Pre-Opening Planning

Once the construction for your new hotel is underway, this is the time that you can start planning the opening. A new hotel needs guests to stay in it to create traction and revenue. But how can guests stay in a hotel they don’t know about? 

During the pre-opening planning, you can take the time you need to be creative about your hotel business’s strategy. This is where you can think about the different interior touches of your new build. What will make guests feel the most welcomed and what will keep them talking about your hotel for years to come? 

Planning during construction allows you to figure out why making a new hotel was a good investment in the first place. And will ensure that travelers will always be in and out of your new doors. 


Building a new hotel is a long and rigorous process, but it pays off when you own a hotel business. Picking the right location for your needs, gathering a strong team, and sticking to your plans will help you before the construction is underway. After following these tips, you’ll be opening the doors to a booming new hotel in no time.